Riddhi Gupta

Riddhi was an intern at Motu during summer 2009-10. She worked within Motu’s infrastructure research programme with Arthur Grimes on compiling datasets for local authorities and regional councils.

What Riddhi had to say about her internship at Motu:

“Motu was the best intern experience I had, and I really miss the sense of flow, and everyone working together on really complex projects. Motu is a place where people will help you to build both rigour and creativity in your research. Everyone really cares about encouraging personal development, and there’s a genuine concern about developing specific insights to situations or social issues we have to face. After finishing my internship, I found that Motu is known to be a trusted and respected advisor in many industry and public sector issues. It has also taken on a unique role for making information really accessible to all researchers, and for facilitating public discussion.”

Riddhi has a conjoint degree in Economics, Political Studies and Physics at the University of Auckland. She is currently working as an analyst in strategy and operations for Deloitte Consulting.