Exploring Preconditions for Effective Global Responses to Climate Change

Apr 13, 2020

Speaker: Jeremy Webb, a Kiwi in the process of completing his PhD at University College London 

When Jeremy started his research, he was looking for options that might help solve climate change. He quickly realised the problem wasn’t a lack of options and shifted focus to exploring who would implement those options and under what conditions. Jeremy has developed an insightful approach to framing scenarios in which the world succeeds or fails at addressing climate change and related impacts.


Background: Jeremy Webb has 20 years of experience working on global issues. This includes building international institutions, and leading interdisciplinary projects on climate change, minerals, energy, water and development. Roles have included establishing the African Climate Policy Centre, preparing integrated environmental-economic accounts, and developing international statistical standards. Most recently, Jeremy has been working on a doctorate at University College London while also leading a Solar Energy Subgroup developing solar resource classification standards under the United Nations.

You can find the slides here. (2MB)

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