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Researcher weighs in on carbon trading tool

The NZ Herald reports: A researcher who was heavily involved in the design of New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme says a new cap could make the much-criticised carbon trading tool effective again. More... This story was…

Adam Jaffe in "Nature" on Academic Return

A broader understanding of 'impact' could help governments to measure the diverse benefits of their investment in research. This article in Nature 533, S20–S21 by Michael Eisenstein quote Adam Jaffe extensively on the science of science…

Will the Land Tax Work - Q&A

Economist Arthur Grimes from Motu with TVNZ Q&A interviewer Michael Parkin about Land Tax.  (6 minutes and 22 seconds of video clip.)

Better businesses, healthier lives will flow from a low carbon economy

Rod Oram’s Sunday Star-Times column for May 1st, 2016 If you want to improve your business and your life there’s plenty of excellent, practical advice around. Even better the recommendations are from reputable organisations such as the…

Bernard Hickey: Land tax is long overdue

Bernard Hickey's Opinion column for the NZ Herald on 1 May 2016, stated that land tax is long overdue. Now that the Prime Minister has let the land tax genie out of the bottle we should…

Measuring public science by dollar value alone 'stupid', says top science adviser

The NBR covers Adam Jaffe's presentation to the NZ Association of Scientists in this article.

Land tax: easier to impose on all residential property, then allow a rebate

Arthur Grimes spoke to NBR Radio about land taxes. "It might be tidier for the government to impose a general land tax and not just one aimed at foreigners, one of New Zealand's leading experts on…

Commentary on Morgan Foundation NZ ETS Report

Expert commentary collated by the Science Media Centre on the Morgan Foundation's report into the rise of questionable carbon credits provided by the Ukraine and Russia in 2011-12, and New Zealand’s use of these ‘hot air’…

Adam Jaffe in NY Times on patents and innovation

Adam was interviewed by Eduardo Porter from the New York Times for his story, Lifting the Patent Barrier to New Drugs and Energy Sources. This discusses finding a different way to spur innovation and disseminate new…'s Top 10 Reads for the Weekend

Motu research analysts on why Middle America should be angry, saving the EU, middle class housing projects, the TPPA, the animated Panama Papers & more