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Single Australasian Housing Market Coverage

A new study by by Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, Arthur Grimes, and Mark Holmes looked at real house prices (official house prices adjusted by a consumer price index) in sixteen cities in Australia and New Zealand. The following…

Wellington set to miss emissions target

Suzi Kerr commented on this story by Kate Pereyra-Garcia from RNZ National.

Going Places - new BWB Text looks at migration

Going Places: Migration, Economics and the Future of New Zealand by Julie Fry and Hayden Glass looks at the economic contribution of migration to and from New Zealand. It uses a wide range of research from Motu and…

Motu Research Analyst Top 10 Reads

Motu research analysts on Auckland NIMBYs, the uneven US recovery, driverless cars, the Robin Hood of science, the cheating economy & more at

Former Reserve Bank chair Grimes hits back over insulation 'error' claim

One of New Zealand's top economists has dismissed a claim that a report he co-authored led to the benefits of insulating rental properties being overstated. Under proposed legislation all state houses and government subsidised social housing…

IRANZ Connections 14

IRANZ Connections is the magazine for the Independent Research Association of New Zealand. An article on our household emissions research appears in issue 14.

For love or money: NZ Listener

Fiona Rotherham writes: The recent closure of Auckland gaming developer Gameloft, whose French parent is being asked to repay $3 million in public money, has reignited debate over research and development grants. This article includes a…

Govt likely to scrap cheap emissions charge

The government is widely expected to scrap a scheme that has halved the cost of greenhouse gas emissions for some polluters. Quotes Suzi Kerr. Article at RNZ News.

Suzi Kerr to appear at Wanaka's Aspiring Conversations

Suzi Kerr will help launch Wanaka's Aspiring Conversations Festival in April with a session titled Cool it! – dealing with climate change headlined by Australian Climate Scientist Tim Flannery. More...

Pacific nations desperate for climate action

New Zealand climate scientists have echoed desperate cries from small Pacific nations in the firing line of rising seas. This article quotes from our Horizon Reserach into NZ attitudes towards climate change. More...