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Less rigid rules key to success in Paris global climate change summit, Kerr says

The use of non-binding national commitments to act on climate change is the most "exciting" and necessary result required from next month's global climate change summit, in Paris, climate change policy expert Suzi Kerr says.…

Productivity Stats get a Nudge

Brian Fallow has an in-depth column explaining recent research into firm productivity in the NZ Herald. "A more cheerful picture of productivity growth than the official statistics give us emerges from new research into what has…

Earthquake-Prone Commercial Building Coverage

Coverage of Before a Fall - Motu's paper on the impact of regulation and building codes on earthquake-prone commercial buildings was considerable.  The following media outlets covered the story: Science Media Centre RNZ News RNZ Checkpoint (audio) 3 News NewstalkZB Foreign Affairs  Yahoo Evening…

Amazing new research projects

Jamie Morton from the NZ Herald reports on the 2015 Marsden Funding grants, including a look at Isabelle Sin's research into the brain drain.

Research shows average skill of workers fell between 2001-12

RNZ National's business news for 4 November 2015 included a segment on Motu's Firm Productivity Growth and Skills paper, with a quote from Dave Maré.

Marsden Fund under the microscope

The Independent Research Association of New Zealand (IRANZ) published an article about Adam Jaffe's research into the Marsden Fund in their November 2015 Newsletter.

Marsden Fund comes under the microscope - Media Coverage

NZ Herald's Jamie Morton reports on our research - "Our biggest fund for blue sky research is boosting scientific output in New Zealand, but there's plenty of room to improve the Marsden Fund." Adam Jaffe, Juliet Gerard and…

Motu's Catherine Leining on climate change, energy Darwinism, fossil fuels, what the climate movements must learn from religion, whether extreme weather is the new normal & more

Today's Top 10 at is a guest post from Catherine Leining, Policy Fellow at economic and public policy research institute Motu.

Arthur Grimes on RadioLIVE re Māori Beliefs

Arthur Grimes talked to Sean Plunket about his recent research into Māori beliefs and speaks about how beliefs may differ but this does not necessarily make them wrong. 

New Zealand may feel dissatisfied because of Australia, study suggests

The Dominion Post and reported on our subjective wellbeing paper, taking the angle that kiwis may not make themselves happy always trying to beat the Aussies.