Since Motu was founded in September 2000, our objectives have remained the same. As a charitable trust, we were established to promote well informed and reasoned debate on public policy issues relevant to New Zealand decision making. To this end we are committed to three broad goals: research, capacity building, and dissemination.

Quality Research

Motu’s success is built on our high quality research. Our distinctive contribution to the New Zealand public policy environment comes from an emphasis on sound empirical analysis, which is supported by expertise in and knowledge of economic theory and institutional design. We choose research areas that build on the interests and expertise of our researchers.

Building Research and Public Policy Capability

We work to build economic and public policy research capacity in New Zealand. Our researchers teach university courses and supervise thesis students; we offer junior research roles and we provide opportunities for Motu researchers to further their training. We also make data more available, host international academic visitors, and run conferences, dialogue groups and workshops.

Freely Disseminating Research

Motu is committed to freely disseminating our research findings. Our communications are designed to build trust in our research, independence and charitable status. We also provide communicative tools for others’ research relevant to New Zealand public policy. Our primary audiences are the New Zealand public policy service, economic and public policy researchers, private sector organisations, Maori organisations and non-profit organisations, with some information tailored for the wider public.