Mohit Thukral

In 2011, Motu hosted Madeline Duhon and Mohit Thukral of Stanford University. They came to Motu as a part of the Stanford Energy and Environment Policy Analysis Center (SEEPAC) fellowship to New Zealand. This fellowship programme looked to increase international collaboration in environmental economics between young researchers from Stanford and researchers at Motu. Their papers will be released over the coming months.

Mohit Thukral was completing his Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and is on an internship to the World Bank in Washington, D.C. He also worked with Suzi Kerr, looking at the upcoming emissions trading scheme in India, learning from the New Zealand experience. Mohit showed that with India’s rapidly developing economy, they need to become leaders in utilising and developing policies to curb the associated rising emissions. The current planned emissions trading scheme in India will be implemented at a relatively downstream level, meaning each firm will be responsible for its own emissions.

Mohit's paper looks at the feasibility of changing this to an upstream approach, collecting better quality information from higher in the supply chain.