Simon Ngawhika

Simon Ngawhika (Te Arawa) worked as an intern for Suzi Kerr on a water quality project. Simon came to Motu after completing an honours year in Economic Geography at the University of Auckland.

Simon was attracted to the approach Motu takes to its projects and the way it deals with a wide range of other interested stakeholders. He was also attracted to the working conditions: “You’ve got a job to do and you do it, and as long as you fulfill your obligations it doesn’t matter too much if you aren’t around between 9 and 5 everyday.”

Simon’s research focused on the viability of a nutrient trading market to improve water quality in Lake Rotorua. His key contribution was to complete a literature review exploring the tradeoffs between economic efficiency and environmental efficiency. Simon’s time at Motu has given him direction in his future career.

In addition to starting a policy analyst role at the Policy Analyst at Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Maori development). Ministry of Maori Development, he “left determined to take up an economics paper part-time and with a much clearer idea of what to study for my Masters than I had three months ago.” He describes Motu as an extremely well-connected and well-regarded organisation, and a great stepping stone for those beginning their careers.