ICIS Carbon Market Almanac 2017: Global Development and Outlook

Published: 2017

Author: Catherine Leining

The fourth ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac provides a top-level view of global efforts to combat climate change with cap-and-trade systems. For each of the different schemes worldwide it highlights key design characteristics and includes spotlight articles discussing specific system features.

The overarching breakout articles for 2017 include an analysis of the post-2020 carbon world and how we will get there, a discussion of President Trump’s impact on carbon trading and a study on Brexit and its effect on EU carbon and power markets.

It contains detailed descriptions of the EU, Chinese, Korean, NZ, Ontario, Californian and Quebecois carbon markets.

The almanac can be found here. New Zealand specific information begins on page 44 and you can check out why the almanac is interesting in this video.