Clear price signals in the NZ ETS

Motu briefing 29 May 2017 Clear Price Signals in the NZ ETS (1.6 MB)

Published: 2017

Authors: Catherine Leining, Suzi Kerr

Event: Briefing to accompany Motu Note #27

Outline of this presentation:

  • Context: Climate change challenge
  • Context: Motu’s ETS Dialogue
  • Managing international emission reductions
  • Predictable policy and clear price signals in the NZ ETS
    • Managing domestic unit supply
    • Price safeguards
    • Making it happen

 Summary of key messages

  • New Zealand’s purchase of international emission reductions needs to be managed by government.
  • Our aim is to create a stable, non-political architecture for managing ETS supply and price under uncertainty.
  • This aim can be achieved with practical changes to the NZ ETS.

Video footage of this presentation is available here (password Climate517)


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