Low-emissions economy draft report: Submissions to the Productivity Commission

Published: 2018

Authors: Sandra Cort├ęs-Acosta , Catherine Leining

These submissions are provided in an individual capacity.

The Government asked the Productivity Commission to identify options for how New Zealand can reduce its domestic greenhouse gas emissions through a transition to a low-emissions economy, while at the same time continuing to grow income and wellbeing.

The Commission engaged with a large and diverse group interested in climate change and mitigation policy.There were 132 submissions on the draft paper that was published in April 2018.

Modelling work was also undertaken by a consortium of Vivid Economics, Concept Consulting and Motu Economic and Public Policy Research of different transition pathways to a low-emissions economy, examining respective impacts and outcomes.

You can read Catherine Leining and Sandra Cortes-Acosta's individual submissions (along with the other submissions) at the Productivity Commission's website.