Just doing tomorrow: Suzi Kerr

May 15, 2018

The NZ climate change podcast imaginemyrelief interviewed Suzi Kerr recently and together they tried imagining a future where emissions are finally under control. Check it out.

Below is a list of the major topics at different time spots:

01:34 Motu's approach and the space they occupy
03:35 The urgency graph since 1995
04:18 Acticely choosing optimism
05:40 Rapid change and Electric cars
07:20 We are small, but everywhere is small
08:14 Inducing responses from others
09:10 The high level negotiations work in the same way as the small ones
11:34 The painful formal process
12:40 The democracy you can touch
14:04 The sea change - open sourcing politics and policy
15:30 Preparing for the moment when the political and social climate is ready
17:18 Our role in the world
18:00 Its safe for you to say "I care too"
19:00 Comparing to the open source revolution
20:55 The way to shift a large complex system
22:00 What can you as part of this complex system
23:00 How could you enable EVs?
24:50 What is the one single change you want the most?
26:40 Agricultural emissions
28:30 The two basics of methane
30:45 Are we already geoengineering?
31:25 Fifty years on: the collaboration required
35:20 Fifty years on: what it will look like
38:20 Decarbonising over the last 100 years
40:10 How do you know when reductions are lucky accident
43:10 The momentum of the last four years
46:30 CNG and retrofitting cars - solutions from the sidelines
52:20 The thinking needs to pervade everything
54:15 When its not your day job
58:10 The importance of getting the right stories