Motu Research Update: 2018 Annual Newsletter

Nov 23, 2018

Front Cover2The annual edition of Motu's newsletter is now available. It contains articles drawing from our research this year, a list of publications, and updates on people and activities at Motu. We aim to write articles accessible to anyone with an interest in our research. This year's articles include:

  • New data tool scores countries on human rights performance
  • A New Zealand-focused global model for climate policy analysis
  • Parenthood and the gender wage gap
  • Relatedness, complexity and local growth
  • Motu's research and the "Wellbeing Budget"

Articles in the annual newsletter supplement Motu's e-newsletter, which is published every two months. If you prefer shorter, more regular updates, you may like to subscribe to the e-newsletter; if you want more substantive and less frequent updates, you will prefer this annual edition.