David E A Giles

Born in the United Kingdom in 1949, David moved to New Zealand as a young child. He went on to complete all of his university education in New Zealand at the University of Canterbury. He joined the staff of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in 1971, remaining there until 1977. In 1977, Dr Giles joined Monash University as a Lecturer in Econometrics, and was appointed Professor in 1978 (aged 29). He returned to the University of Canterbury as Professor of Econometrics in 1986. From 1994 onwards, he was Professor of Econometrics at University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, a position from which he has recently retired.

David is ranked in the top 5% of authors by REPEC on almost all their metrics, and there are currently approximately 3,000 citations to his publications. His most cited works cover a range of his research interests covering econometric theory, applied econometrics, and statistics. He has also been well cited for his econometric analyses of the pop music industry and the demand for British rugby league!

His development of key fields of theoretical econometrics coupled with his applied econometric outputs, and his contributions to the development of other researchers through his journal editing and thesis supervision, underlies David Giles’ distinguished contributions to economics.

David is an inaugural member of the Motu Hapū.