Stewart Sinclair

While at Motu, Stewart’s research interests were centred in economic dynamics with a special interest in natural resource modeling. He also worked on the application of economic theory to help shape policies aimed at managing the sustainability of New Zealand's fisheries stock.

What was your background before joining Motu?
I had just completed an Honours degree in Economic at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW).

Why did you choose to come here?
I wanted to learn from and work with Dr Suzi Kerr - a leading environmental economist.

What were the highlights of your time at Motu?
There were many highlights, including chatting everyday over coffee and lunch with some of New Zealand’s leading economists, travelling to many beautiful parts of New Zealand (e.g. Nelson, Rotorua, etc) to attend workshops and conferences, Motu BBQs and coffee outings with fellow Research Analysts.

How has your career progressed since you left Motu?
Since leaving Motu, I have worked with leading international fisheries economists, completed a Masters degree at VUW, and I am now about to complete a PhD at Queensland University of Technology.

How has your Motu experience affected your subsequent path?
Motu taught me core skills that I have used in subsequent work and studies. My time at Motu had also helped me expand my professional network, which led to existing job and study opportunities.

What advice do you have for early career economists?
Always seek opportunities to learn new skills and refine existing ones. Networking is essential for early career opportunities, but also for getting your work/research known and future collaboration.