Avoiding the Unmanageable: Getting to a low emission future

Avoiding the Unmanageable: Getting to a Low-Emission Future (2.8 MB)

Published: 2016

Author: Suzi Kerr

Event: Wellington U3A Presentation on 9 September 2016

By the end of this century, the world needs to transition away from fossil fuel use and to a low emissions future to limit climate change. Technologies are rapidly evolving to make this possible but technology alone is not the solution. The economy and society are already changing at an unprecedented rate. We need to ensure that the pathways we choose lead to a prosperous low-emissions economy. This will not involve a silver bullet, but many actions by many actors.

Dr Suzi Kerr will discuss current thinking on how we can act in the face of uncertainty and rapid change, and how we can adjust the Emissions Trading System to create carrots and sticks.