Geographic Concentration of New Zealand Employment

This paper examines the degree of geographic concentration of employment in New Zealand, using summary measures proposed by Ellison and Glaeser (1997) and Maurel and Sedillot (1999).

We use Statistics New Zealand Business Demography data for the period 1987-2003, and find that concentration has risen during that period. Around half of employment is in industries that display no significant concentration.

International comparisons of the degree of concentration are difficult, but it appears that New Zealand"s levels are similar to those of the United Kingdom, and lower than those of the US and France. Where concentration does occur, it operates most strongly over distances of less than 50km.


Maré, David C. 2004. "Geographic Concentration of New Zealand Employment" in Labour Employment and Work in New Zealand: 2004, S. Blumenfeld and P. Morrison, Eds. Wellington: Victoria University of Wellington.