Measuring the “gig” economy: Challenges and options

robert anasch s04x1QTNnCA unsplash lowresIs gig work growing?    
What do we know about it?    
More data will help.    

The increase in internet-based services has raised policy interest in gig work, which is work done outside formal employer-employee relationships. Given the dearth of information about the nature and magnitude of gig work and the extent of its growth in New Zealand, it is unclear whether current regulatory institutions adequately regulate it. There is also concern among policymakers about the effect of gig work on the financial stability of gig workers.

In this paper we provide a New Zealand-specific typology for identifying gig work, and discuss conceptual and practical issues related to measuring it. We describe how existing New Zealand data can be used to learn more about gig work and make suggestions for improving its measurement in the future.




New Zealand Productivity Commission, as a research input into its frontier firms inquiry.